TechLetter 004: About Procrastination

This is techletter 004. This techletter touches a topic that I feel is very important: procrastination. Here I give you a couple of highly recommended links to read, some advice that has worked for many folks, some books if you can derive value from them, and finally, things that have worked for me.

An ideal view of beautiful code

So many folks talk about beautiful code. So many books claim to have the secret sauce. So many articles try to summarise what a beautiful code is. In this article, I want to show an idealist’s view of what is beautiful code. In a quick follow-up article, I will also try to show a practical view of beautiful code.

TechLetter 003

This is techletter 003. This techletter is mostly about videos. It gives a list of highly recommended channels and a summary of what they are about. Try watching a couple of videos from those and subscribe if you find them interesting. Just to note, I have no affiliations with these videos. I also recommend two books, and if you are related to software development, these would be great assets to increase your knowledge.

TechLetter 002

This is techletter 002. Here I bring to you some very long but captivating reads, some recommended videos, a language you might already know, and a powerful mental hack to generate lots of ideas and prioritize them as well, along with a strong recommendation for 2 books and 2 github links.