About Me? One of these is me :)

Here are some things around me:


Anything that you read on this website is my personal opinion and has nothing to do with my employer and other folks around me in my personal or professional life.

Am I anonymous?

I am not anonymous. It seems close to impossible to be anonymous these days now that we are surrounded by tracking gadgets almost every minute of our life. Google knows about me (Android!), so do other ton of apps which I carry with me (Android!), my domain name registrar knows about me (credit card!), and I am sure there are other trackers on my laptop (through browsers et cetera) who know about me too.

Then what is my name?

That, I don’t want to announce yet. Some of you may be detective enough to figure that out. If you do, please say hi to me on my personal mail Id. Others, please say hi to me at hi[ AT ][This Domain Name Without Dot Com][ DOT ]com

this is my email address

Profile Summary

As of 2019:

  1. I am 34 years old and have around 12 years of industry experience.
  2. I work in one of the Big N companies as a Senior Software Engineer.
  3. The only opinion I hold around technology choices is that there is no silver bullet.
  4. I try to keep learning, always.
  5. Someday, I want to be at least as good in soft skills as (I believe) I am in hard skills to finally explore Engineering Manager path. I am working on it.

Can I help you with anything?

Sure, call me maybe? (I mean… no, just email me). I may be able to help you with your resume, interview preparation, and other professional advice. Again, it is purely at my discretion… sorry, but I may not get time to see your mail on time, and respond on time (it’s all about time).

Can you pay me to help you? No. If you can, help me learn by suggesting books or articles, or by suggesting a topic for articles that I can write.

Stacks around me

This website

  1. Hugo
  2. “even” theme
  3. GSuite for emails and stuff
  4. Godaddy for domain registration
  5. Cloudflare
  6. Let’s encrypt
  7. gitlab pages
  8. Sharing Buttons
  9. Google Analytics (Sorry!, but I have anonymizeIP and respectDoNotTrack set to true. See this.)

Personal stack

I use (and pay for some with money, and for others with personal data):

  1. Android (iOS is too costly!)
  2. Mac (ok, I see the hypocrisy)
  3. Evernote Premium
  4. Google products (Gmail, Google drive)
  5. Dropbox
  6. Grammarly
  7. Typora
  8. Visual Studio Code
  9. IntelliJ Idea