Why another newsletter?

There are too many articles being published on sites like medium.com to consume, even on topics like technology. And medium.com is not the only, and not even always the best source. And then there are too many interesting newsletters as well.

This newsletter is an attempt to capture articles, videos, discussions and other resources that I have consumed and found interesting, specifically in technology related to computers. My definition of an interesting resource would have one or more of the following attributes

  1. Improves my knowledge.
  2. Changes my world view.
  3. Helps me grow as a technologist.
  4. Helps me grow in my career.
  5. Is thoughtful, and makes me think.
  6. Is innovative or disruptive in technology space (here, I will not just be limited to computers, but also explore areas like space, biology etc…that is, all things that push human civilization forward).

Can you help?

Yes please :) It would be highly appreciated.

  1. Suggest topics to write about.
  2. Give me constructive feedback.
  3. Spread the word. Share the website, this techletter, or the subscription page with your friends and family if you think they will benefit from the content.

No Sponsored Content

  1. I will not share sponsored content, nor do I need donations right now. If I ever need it, I will let you guys know. Thanks!

TechLetter #001

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