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Summary of useful links

  • Here is a little dated video of a gene-editing technology called CRISPR. Quoting from Wikipedia, “CRISPR-Cas genome editing techniques have many potential applications, including medicine and crop seed enhancement”.

  • On the lines of suggesting above video, some of the top youtube channels I feel you would appreciate (and may already know) are:

    • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell: Its description says, “Videos explaining things with optimistic nihilism”. I though find them making awesome videos about things we may miss knowing in our day to day lives.
    • PBS Space Time: If you are into big-bang, spacetime, black holes, dark matter, Higgs fields, and other exotic theories, subscribe to this channel.
    • minutephysics: This is one of the best channels for seemingly simple but complex physics phenomena.
    • Two Minute Papers: This channel summarises research papers in two-minute videos.
    • SciShow: Hank Green and others run this (and other) awesome channel about science stuff. With 5.87 million subscribers, this is one of the most famous channels if you are into science.
    • Veritasium: This is again a gem in itself for exploring science and the universe around us. If I have to recommend only one channel, this would be it.
    • CGP Grey: This channel covers lots of interesting topics. It is hard for me to pin down the list of topics that are present on this channel, but they force you to think in a little different direction from what you normally would. Again, highly recommended.
    • Talks at Google: Well, as the name suggests, you will find lots of videos about talks that happen at Google.
    • Techquickie: This channel covers videos about technology related to computers. Lots of cool stuff about hardware, software, mobile phones, android, buzz words and whatnot.
    • SmarterEveryDay: Another extremely popular channel about things related to science, and covers a wide spectrum of topics. You will find lots of videos with experiments and practical applications of science.
    • Numberphile: If you are into mathematics and number theory, this channel is a must for you.

Good Books

  • A book that I would recommend is Web Scalability for Startup Engineers. You will find a very good introduction and summary of a lot of topics that you would typically need for building a web service or a backend application.

  • Another extremely popular book by Google for SREs, Devops Engineers and developers as well is Site Reliability Engineering. If you are into infrastructure and service management, topics like monitoring, on-call strategies, failure management, data integrity, etc. would be interesting to you.

More to come in the next techletter. As always, happy Reading!